Art has long been the cornerstone in interior design. Bestowing ambience, tempering architecture, unifying furniture and styling and introducing artistic expression. It is through arts many mediums that interiors find cohesion. 

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EXHIBITING at pinch London

Deeply resonating with PINCH’s values of quality and longevity, Nikki Finch, Founding Director of Otomys Contemporary and Art Consultant Vange Markou of The Specified together with Creative Director Oona Pinch have curated a collection of artwork for PINCH’s Ebury Street and Pimlico Road showrooms in Sloane Square. 


Nikki Finch absorbed this vision with excitement, explaining that, ‘in many ways art components complete a room. We want the art to illuminate its surroundings – sometimes it can be the statement piece and other times it can sit quietly alongside the texture, forms and colour of a space.’ ‘

Pinch Oona Nikki.jpeg