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For Nikomachi notions like light, movement, silence consist the main inspiration of her artworks. She expresses herself through light or rather in light. She seeks both outer and inner light and travels to see mental or moral light, trying to elevate her work through the light of the spirit. Nikomachi’s work floats or hovers over the underlying layers of color. There is a luminosity to her art pieces that comes from using colors of similar value in different saturations. The light of the art pieces invites the viewer into the space and the timeless abstraction becomes more about light, space and the divine

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Greg Wood's artwork has been described as conveying sensations of loss, longing and transcendence.  He uses oil on a variety of surfaces to portray real places from his memories and experiences. Since the mid-nineties, Greg has been applying this visceral approach to peaceful moments of contemplation in vast, empty landscapes.


In his own words, Greg says he is drawn to the often overlooked places in between destinations; particularly when they are being exposed to the elements in a dramatic way.


Having been brought up in a family of artists, Greg has always held a deep-seeded passion for landscape painting. This passion has taken him to places like Tasmania, Vietnam, Japan and most recently, Brussels.