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Art has long been a cornerstone in interior design. Bestowing ambience, tempering architecture, unifying furniture and styling and introducing artistic expression, it is through arts many mediums that interiors often find cohesion. 





Piet Raemdonck is a Belgian artist who lives and paints from his studio near Ghent. Piet has been exhibiting with galleries in Belgium and the Netherlands since 1994.

Piet is stimulated by his surroundings and his work focuses on still life, landscape and interior spaces. His paintings play with contrast, between the naïve and the classical, between abstract geometry and distinctive romanticism. The movement of the brush or crayon may resemble primitive expression and his work is rich in texture. Colour is at the core of Piet's work. He is fascinated by the way in which colours communicate and influence one another.

'A painting can be perceived as a group of colours that both converge and diverge. I am very involved with colour, and I've done a lot of study and research. I think it's important not to limit myself to certain colours, but to accept them all. I'm fascinated by how colours related to each other and how they interact. I like to focus on the cyclical relationship between colours. That may sound very theoretical, but, in fact, it's playful. You can compare my paintings to a universe you enter, just by looking at it. It is a game of recognition and non-recognition. I give visual clues and from there you must continue following your senses.' - Piet Raemdonck.

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My first series photographed in Canberra at the National Gallery of Art at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, when borders were still open and hope was still alive.


These images reflect my interest in abstract and non-representational forms. 
The juxtaposition of shapes in architecture and the way they fit together. 


I set out to explore the sculptural form of a building. 
And to create a series of images that are quiet yet powerful. 
A reflection of the times where there is an absence of life, energy and freedom. 



Nikomachi’s current body of work - A Narrative on Nature - is a collection of striking works on canvas in verdant greens and translucent aquamarines. A symbiotic liquidity and gentle effervescence permeate Nikomachi’s large-scale drawings which adopt a spiritualist beauty reminiscent of shards of sunlight penetrating a leafy canopy or deep pool. An ethereal ambience captures the sensorial impact of the elements while organic shapes resonate with the ancient cyclical rhythms of nature.


Embedded in Nikomachi’s drawings (and the sculptures which reimagine them) is a quality that reaches to the human heart and restores hope in the unshakeable continuum of the world to which we are all connected.

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