Armadillo & Co

classic collection 

Handmade from natural and sustainable fibres, the Classic Collection is infused with rich texture and inviting warmth, paired with an earthy, organic palette each meticulous weave and knot. Laden with heart and soul, these timeless designs truly embody the stories of its makers and invite tactile exploration of their incredible artistry. 


Standard Sizes

1.7 x 2.4m

2 x 3m

2.5 x 3.5m

3 x 4m *

Custom Size & Shape Available

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Available in an extensive range of patterns and colours, Armadillo & Co rugs are incredibly warm and sumptuous. 

This naturally renewable fibre is prized for its resilience, with fire, moisture and stain resistant properties that make it one of the safest materials for interiors. 

Perfect for any room, plush wool rug will introduce an element of barefoot luxury into your home. 

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Armadillo rugs includes an array of jute rugs that are hardwearing and inherently beautiful. The fibres nuanced variations in shading result in a lovely organic texture that softens up over time. 

Easy to maintain and accompanied by a multitude of practical benefits. Perfect for modern family living, including lounge, dining and play areas.