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About Articolo Lighting

Australian design studio Articolo has explored ‘the art of light’ through handcrafted artisanal lighting pieces since 2012.

Founded by celebrated designer Nicci Green, Articolo’s lighting collections explore the unique individuality and subtle differences intrinsic to mouth blown glass coupled with a timeless design aesthetic. When lit, these sophisticated forms cast unique patterns and movements that reflect an unparalleled shadow play of light unique to Articolo.

Based in Melbourne, Articolo interprets its European design influences through an Australian sensibility, honestly and playfully uniting craftsmanship and materiality.

“When something is made by hand, you can feel the soul that went into it” says Green.

The studio’s lighting designs have featured in some of the world’s finest interiors – from luxury hotel brands to acclaimed restaurants, member clubs and high-end residential projects.

With a continued commitment to work with the best local and global artisans, Articolo reflects Green’s ongoing passion for capturing the textural spirit of light through timeless forms, shared with an international design audience.

Q + A with Nicci Green

What inspired you to create Articolo?

'At the time of starting Articolo, designing and manufacturing lighting in Australia was quite uncommon, with most of the high-end decorative lighting coming out of Europe and the United States. I didn't know anything about lighting - which in hindsight, is perhaps a blessing as I may never have embarked on this journey had I been aware of the challenges. My passion for and experience in design - initially food styling, and later interior design and product design - informed the direction of Articolo, where my love for design that is both contemporary and timeless has been realised through form. I sort to design lighting that was easy to live with: both decorative and functional. Each piece was the provide soul through shadow play, with a unique handwriting and sensibility that set Articolo apart. Inspiring this design brief that I created for myself - and for Articolo - was a desire to design products for a global market, bridging my passion for creating with my love of travel.'

Can you tell us a bit about your background as a designer?

'I've never formally trained in design, and I don't come from a lighting background, so in that sense I am not restricted by a traditional approach. Instead it's an innate process, informed by the way I see the world and my vast life experiences. I have always been drawn to a European design sensibility that celebrates craftsmanship, timelessness and the artisanal. I started my career as a food stylist in Paris, which taught me the process of reduction and simplification. Which remains - whether on the plate - or more broadly in design, needs to have purpose and relevance, even if it's significants is hard to articulate.' 

Can you explain the process of creating and what inspires you?

'I take inspiration from everything around me - fashion, art and nature, to name just a few. I strive to design lighting that is timeless. Not faddish or tricky, just simplicity of form. I also follow a principle of balance. Masculine lines coupled with fluid glass forms that bring artisanal femininity. We introduce a sense of movement into the forms through the subtle striations found in organic mouth-blown glass forms.'

What are your favourite materials to work with? Your favourite processes?

'I love and celebrate the artisanal nature of mouth-blown glass; I am fascinated by the nuances, fluidity and soul that is intrinsic to this process. Equally, I love solid metals, such as hand-finished brass and hand-rubbed bronze. The soul and human touch of hands creating and crafting is so special; something that cannot be replicated in machine made glass and electroplated metal finishes.'

What is the process to produce an Articolo light and how does this compliment the overall ethos of the company?

'I am driven by detailed design, lighting forms that are artisanal and cast subtle movement and shadow play. These ingredients coupled with complex detailed engineering which still reflects are simplicity of form. I am not a fan of cutting corners but rather problem solving and creating and crafting the perfect light. For me the balance of function, form and overall design aesthetic are equally important. Every component is designed with a view to never compromise on any element of the light. This is time consuming and expensive, but of course the beauty is in the detail. I believe good design does not jar within a space and that true sophistication is in the simplicity of the design. I like to challenge the materials I work with while keeping the design elevated.'

Best design tip?

'Less is more. The detail is in the simplicity. Be original and have courage.'