Slow Design for Quiet Living

These newest rugs from Armadillo encapsulate their philosophy of slow design, exuding a visual and sensorial calm that belies their robust and lasting nature. Thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, these soulful objects make a sublime backdrop for the inner sanctum of the home, reminding us to simplify, slow down and engage more deeply with the people and spaces around us. This handmade heritage promises a better future – for the benefit of the individual as well as the planet.

cultivating considered design

  LONDOn based sales agencY & ART CONSULTANCY 

The Specified offers a tightly curated collection of Australian designs that encompass refined finishes for lighting, rugs, objects, selected furniture and architectural hardware. Proudly representing artisanal lighting design brand Articolo Lighting, emerging hardware brand V.Brokkr, Elba Stone Collection by New Volumes, sustainable rug company Armadillo and long established hardware brand Designer Doorware in the UK

Art in partnership with Otomys Contemporary and Nick Horan Photography


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Otomys contemporary & nick Horan photography

loopi collection

The Loopi Collection is a romantic interpretation of linking fingers and the youthful sincerity of a 'pink promise'. Conceived of a 'braided' design of interlocking glass loops uniting a delicate balance of sculptural light art, confident in shape and form, yet quietly sophisticated. 


FEATURED artist _ Nikomachi

INTRODUCING _ Nikomachi Karakostanoglou

A Narrative on Nature is a collection of striking works in verdant greens and translucent aquamarines. A symbiotic liquidity and gentle effervescence permeates drawings which adopt a spiritualist beauty reminiscent of shards of sunlight penetrating a leafy canopy or deep pool. An ethereal ambience captures the sensorial impact of the elements while organic shapes resonate with the ancient cyclical rhythms of nature. 

Embedded in Nikomachi's drawings and sculptures is a quality that reaches to the human heart and restores hope in the unshakable continuum of the world to which we are all connected. '  Tiffany Jade

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