Heralding Australian Design

Introducing our first series of spaces heralding Australian design in collaboration with Good Work Studio UK.  

Balancing this peaceful austerity is a highly tactile layering of striking Elba stone, artisinal glass wall sconces by Articolo Lighting, handcrafted hardware from sliversmith V.Brokkr, ethereal artwork by Greg Wood, table by New Volumes and bath from the Essentials collection by New Volumes/Artedomus. 

cultivating considered design

  LONDOn based sales agencY & ART CONSULTANCY 

The Specified offers a tightly curated collection of Australian designs that encompass refined finishes for lighting, rugs, objects, selected furniture and architectural hardware. Proudly representing artisanal lighting design brand Articolo Lighting, emerging hardware brand V.Brokkr, Elba Stone Collection by New Volumes, sustainable rug company Armadillo and long established hardware brand Designer Doorware in the UK

Art in partnership with Otomys and Nick Horan Photography


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ART in focus

 Art has long been a cornerstone in interior design. Bestowing ambience, tempering architecture, unifying furniture and styling and introducing artistic expression. It is through arts many mediums that interiors find cohesion.


Her subject is illusory: metaphysical rather than actual. Volumes of space contain time, as in turn time erodes space. Decay. Silence. Hermetic secrecy.

Emotionally the atmospherics can be detached and somewhat withholding, a certain opacity forges a gateway, and many of these paintings seem to be guarding their own entrance. To encounter these works is to reach an immediate visual threshold. The tension this generates is palpable. Visually these paintings feel like an initiation bringing you to the brink of each space rather than its core. It’s a precipice. Like approaching a portal or a window, the vista of each painting is composed to beckon. The experience is of apprehending a space and finding your place within it.

You look at these aqueous halls and concealed doorways and of course you have to ask… What’s in there? What compels me? What is beyond? Deliberately those questions remain unmet and in their place are entities of even more blinding ambiguity: Mutable light. Enigmatic shadow. Mass. Weightlessness. Magnetism. Secrecy. These are both the subjects and the materials of Helen Redmond’s work. And although she speaks often of silence, these quiet chambers roar as loudly as the inside of a shell.’ - Anna Johnson, 2021.