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  LONDOn based sales agencY & ART CONSULTANCY 

The Specified offers a tightly curated collection of Australian designs that encompass refined finishes for lighting, rugs, objects, selected furniture and architectural hardware. Proudly representing artisanal lighting design brand Articolo Lighting, emerging hardware brand V.Brokkr, Elba Stone Collection by New Volumes, sustainable rug company Armadillo and long established hardware brand Designer Doorware in the UK



Australian artisanal lighting studio exploring the art of light. Uniting craftsmanship and materiality highlighting sophisticated forms and timeless design aesthetic unique to mouth blown glass.

"Our Rugs lie lightly on this earth'. Armadillo's design philosophy respects function and aesthetics in equal measure, as well as honesty in process and product. Their rugs will become part of their new owners’ lives with stories embedded in age-old heritage.

Using traditional silversmithing techniques and hollowware construction techniques V.Brokkr produces limited editions and has a constantly evolving products line.

collection 01 : new volumes

One material, seven Australian designers and pure expression. 

new conversations

designer doorware:

Dedicated to provide excellence in design, innovation at quality.  DD is Australia leading and long established hardware brand dedicated to quality assurance, sustainability and uncompromising attention to detail with facilities in-house expertise to execute custom designs. 

FIZI stilts wall sconce

Stilts silhouette is striking in its elongated proportions, a poetic balancing act drawn from childhood memory.


Stilts suspends a mouth blown Fizi Ball weightlessly from a long brass dropper, where lengthy vertical proportions delicately balance the effervescence of Fizi. 

Available in Brass, Mid Bronze, Satin Nickel and Black Electroplate. 

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rhythm of nature

The Armadillo x House of Grey _ A Shared Ethos

The philosophy behind this collection is one of designing spaces that nature a gentler pace of life. 

By removing visual distractions and replacing them with subtle sensory experiences, we balance the overwhelm of an overstimulated, urban world. 

Our quiet approach to design reclaims the home so it feels calmer and clears the mind. This in turn steadies the beat of the day-to-day life in tune with the rhythm of nature. 

greek artist _ Nikomachi

INTRODUCING _ Nikomachi Karakostanoglou

A Narrative on Nature is a collection of striking works in verdant greens and translucent aquamarines. A symbiotic liquidity and gentle effervescence permeates drawings which adopt a spiritualist beauty reminiscent of shards of sunlight penetrating a leafy canopy or deep pool. An ethereal ambience captures the sensorial impact of the elements while organic shapes resonate with the ancient cyclical rhythms of nature. 

Embedded in Nikomachi's drawings and sculptures is a quality that reaches to the human heart and restores hope in the unshakable continuum of the world to which we are all connected. '  Tiffany Jade

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Grounded by the artwork, yet not limited by the visual, Otomys Contemporary explores art as a total concept. Valuing integrity, longevity and the fine balance between a classic and contemporary collection.

Australian photographer storytelling through the lens. Shot in 3 captivating series 'Distance', 'Ovoid' and 'The land of the long white cloud'. Uplifting, dream-provoking, nature in its most compelling and comforting form.