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The Specified is a carefully curated design destination established to provide specifiers with the opportunity to effortlessly define the primary elements of an interior design project. From lighting, rugs and artwork to paint, fabrics, and hardware, our showroom is a mecca of enduring beauty where each and every brand works in concert or as a standalone addition to a project missing that allusive piece or finish which will unify all.

A visit to our Chelsea space is an engaging collaborative experience within a place uniquely positioned at the threshold of both showroom and studio. We pride ourselves on our tightly edited portfolio of eminent global brands chosen for the artisanal qualities of their work alongside their commitment to sustainable practices and impeccable craftsmanship culminating in objects and materials which serve as design motifs.


Whether you are searching for the pièce de résistance that will introduce a language of elevated modernity within an almost complete interior design project, or the procurement of all the key elements of a project scope, we fulfil an essential industry niche, helping bring the story together in a way that transcends trends to cultivate indelible authenticity.



Vange Markou

Design Centre EAST Chelsea Harbour SW10 0XE

+ 44 7799 186680


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