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Handmade from natural and sustainable fibres, the Classic Collection is infused with rich texture and inviting warmth, paired with an earthy, organic palette each meticulous weave and knot. Laden with heart and soul, these timeless designs truly embody the stories of its makers and invite tactile exploration of their incredible artistry. 

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Introducing Petra

Framing the home for the practice of gentle rituals, this modern take on the traditional Berber-style rug oozes effortless luxury. Hand-knotted from New Zealand wool into a lush pile bookended by plaited tassels, the cloud-like surface has a meditative effect underfoot.


1.7 x2.4m, 2 x 3m, 2.5 x 3.5m, 3 x 4m


Artic, Blanc, Cloud, Sparrow, Storm


Andorra translates the flecks of cut rock faces into pure wool. Subtle variations of shading in the yarn ignite textural diversity, while the flat soumak weave invites tactile exploration of its unparalleled artistry.  Fibre: Wool 


1.7 x 2.4m, 2 x 3m, 2.5 x 3.5m, 3 x 4m Custom m2



Terrazzo, Pepper, Albatross 


A neat arrangement of alternating high and low piles has a sense of movement redolent of the African grasslands. Inviting to touch and sumptuously soft underfoot, the hand-knotted Savannah rug makes an unbridled statement with its enviable tactility.  Fibre: Wool 



1.7 x 2.4m, 2 x 3m, 2.5 x 3.5m, 3 x 4m Custom m2



Natural, Dust, Carbon