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There's a sense of knowing in the air in New Zealand. It catches you off-guard – there is a deep pull to be completely immersed in the land.

There's a magic in the air – an alluring energy. From the whispering grasses, to the folding hills and the endless narratives in the sky, The Land of the Long White Cloud proves to be completely effortless in its beauty. 

In Nick Horan's series of images enchanting locations in New Zealand are captured, and as we allow ourselves to drift in to each image we find we are reminded of just how magnetic mother nature is.



The egg, and the ovoid shape itself, is a life source and a mystery. What is contained within? What potential does it hold? What is behind its veneer and how can something so delicate be so strong and infinite?

Superbly tapered, varied and with the potential to keep a life-form safe; the egg is a revolutionary design. It is nature's perfect capsule. Its surface tells stories, the mind can almost trace its patterns and entire landscapes can be imagined. Life and the human condition can be jagged, so we're drawn to this untouched, natural object - a design before and beyond us. Its breakability and resilience is familiar to us.

These fine art works speak to the endless life cycle before us, and celebrate the most pure and divine of nature's productions.



Distance is a series of limited edition fine art photographs. Each work captures a highlight in time, a fleeting moment – each offers both a sense of calm and balance.

We view the perfect and eerie calm of a crisp winter beach scene, its familiar yet far away location  warmth evokes a sought-after sense of home. The truest of tones are offset by its exotic luna perfection – not a building is in sight, not a sand is out of place. Nature is untouched – one only needs to drink it in. One can hear the soft movement; the beauty is almost tactile.

This series is the result of a desire to encourage individuals to reconnect with peaceful spaces and evocative moments.

Nick Horan Photography


His thirst for the chase of calm came about as a result of his hectic nomadic lifestyle for his work as an automotive clay modeler.


The Germany and Australian-based photographer and Industrial Designer craved a sense of peace in his down-time, and this peace came about through travel, exploration and photography.

Nick’s images tell a cohesive story of moments in time that open up the mind – uplifting, dream-provoking, nature in its most compelling and comforting form.

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