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Articolo Home is a true celebration of Founder and Director Nicci Kaval's love of Belgian Architecture and Italian classicism, together with her respect for contemporary minalism. 

Her influences are steeped in European history, yet she cleverly dials the atelier mood to tap into the people's desire for quiet luxury pieces within the home and create modern and practical chic for the everyday. 

In creating her first furniture smalls collection, Kavals found pure joy in juxtaposing texture and the tactility with each piece, ascented by Articolo Homes' use of metal, wood, leather and stone.  There are earthed hues of latter, olive, burgundy and camel that allude to the eternal palette used by sophisticated heritage fashion houses in Europe. 

Articolo home sets the tone with artisanal excellence and enduring materiality including bronze, italian veneers, italian leathers, and hand dyed straw marquetry.  
articolo_brera district exhibition_hires_11.jpg
articolo_brera district exhibition_hires_10.jpg
articolo_brera district exhibition_hires_05.jpg
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