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The specified 'the thomas' features in est living


The Specified St Kilda project The Thomas has been selected as an Australian interior and featured by Est Living, Australia's premiere interior design magazine. Written by Megan Rawson and photographed by Rachael Horan, The Specified are proud to introduce The Harry and The Franklin apartments to the est living community and beyond. 

'Reflecting a European elegance, The Thomas boutique accommodation in St Kilda embodies a sophisticated, yet homely aesthetic thanks to stylist studio The Specified's hand-selected collection of artwork, objects and refined furniture and finishes.'

'As a set of short-term stay, two-bedroom apartments in Melbourne’s St Kilda locale, the design intent behind The Thomas project was to create an elegant interior across both apartments that resonated with discerning and design orientated guests. The client behind the project have a sharp eye for design and their keenness to invest in key pieces had remained unchanged- traits shared with Vange.'


'The Thomas apartments speak volumes about the expertise of The Specified and their art for cultivating a layered, lived in aesthetic. We’re looking forward to seeing what Vange and her team do next.'

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